Monday, February 07, 2000

The Modern Soundscape

Consider this hyper infotainment age we live in. It's jam packed with man made sound, and I've actually had hand in creating some of it. Think of every place you hear sound today.

To name but a few:

–TV/Radio and Internet commercials
–Web Sites
–Feature films, television shows and electronic games
–Refrigerators, coffee pots, new fangled fans, air conditioners and anything with a remote control
–ATM machines and other electronic devices that feature touch screens
–Films, TV, Podcasts, Video Blogs and Radio all demand opening fanfares, themes and underscores
–Restaurants, malls and the retail shops within them
–Theme parks the adventure rides within
–Even museums and zoos are often packaged in aural ambience
–Trains, planes and automobiles feature clicks, bonks and alarms and other audible responses to human physical actions
–Even your computer requires a Power On and mouse movement sounds
–Grocery store check out aisles now sport sponsored video screens. Watch for grocery carts with Baby pacifying television sets coming to a Wal-Mart near you.
–Not to mention the ubiquitous cell phone whose worst feature seems to be not the sound of the phone it self, but the person using it.

I know, sometimes I wish I could turn it all off, too. Silence, it seems, is an endangered species.


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