Monday, December 01, 2003

Sound of the Year: 2003 – Shock and Awe

The 2003 Critical Noise Sound of the Year belongs to 'SHOCK AND AWE', encompassing:
  • The sounds of the military manoeuvres in Baghdad (CNN). 
  • The heated and often convoluted debate leading up to the military exchange with Iraq.
  •  The fall of Baghdad: for some reason to rejoice, for others a deafening thud.
Q: But what is the sound of SHOCK AND AWE, or what do the combination of sounds sound like, exactly, one may reasonably ask.

A: It is the sound of large scale aerial bombing in tandem with reverberating befuddlement that results from a massive lapse of logic at a governmental level (or alternately, a brilliantly devised strategy of subterfuge, i.e. 'Weapons of Mass Destruction')

How else might a terrorist attack on America be leveraged to invade a sovereign nation whose leader, however despicable, had nothing to do with those events?

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The Critical Noise Sound of the Year goes to that sound source, event, entity, happening or concept which so effectively produces wide response and reaction, whether intentional or not, such that it stirs collective emotion, inspires discussion, incites action, or otherwise lends itself to cultural analysis and resonates across the globe.

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