Saturday, February 01, 2003

Position: Creative Solutions For Creative People

Blister Media is history, and weirdly, I've been getting more calls from people who want to hire me as a writer and an artist, than for music production projects. All that work creating marketing collateral for Blister; writing Press Releases; and placing articles in the industry trades has garned me an added reputation as a marketing consultant. Go figure. But my most recent clients don't even know me as music producer.

As it turned out, a decade standing at the nexus of advertising, marketing, film, entertainment, game developers, PR executives and brand strategists has imbued me with a general understanding of promotions that's proving greatly useful as a free agent.

In January of 2003, Position Management was born, a creative consulting boutique swimming in a big sea of cool opportunities.

Of course, I hope to continue producing music projects in the future. It is true that I already miss the day-to-day affair of knocking out music jobs for Fortune 500 companies. But I also have to admit, I really enjoy the work that I’m doing now, as it offers both creative variety and strategic thinking.

I now say, the tools of my trade are Language, Art, Symbol and Sound. My job, in effect, is to be the artsy kid in class. In a way, that’s always been my job. You are who you are.


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