Wednesday, July 30, 2008

To Brand or Not to Brand?

In the January 2008 New York Time article Exploiting Sound, Exploring Silence by Dennis Lim, the author describes the artful dynamic between sound and silence in Joel and Ethan Coen’s film, 'No Country for Old Men'.

Lim notes that the film's abundant vacant audio space never draws attention to itself. On the contrary, the deft use of silence compels audiences to listen more closely.

It's interesting that such specific focus is not achieved through the power of music, but via the power of silence, –and in the process, Lim notes:

"...this unnervingly quiet movie has had the effect of calling attention to an underappreciated aspect of filmmaking: the use of sound."

In the six-part July 2008 UNBRANDED series detailing the relationship between Sonic Branding and Black Noise (Silence), the Critical Noise Blog argues if Music Designers (and their clients) are willing to assume the risk, the power of effective silence can be applied to a variety of communication, environment and marketing platforms.

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That is the Question.

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