Friday, March 03, 2000

Music Producer as a Creative Leader

A Music Producer working at a commercial music house is a conceptual leader who manages the creation of audio projects from conception to creation. Sometimes he or she will share the management of a creative vision with a dedicated ‘Creative Director’. Just as often they will assume the directorial role as well, especially if the music or audio being developed is based on a concept that originates with them.

As with the title ‘Producer’, the title ‘Creative Director’ denotes one in leadership position. Dedicated Creative Directors guide creative teams to meet the creative requirements of a project.

Unless one is trying to convey authority as a sole proprietor of a studio, without a team there’s no point in calling one’s self a Producer or a Creative Director. Think about it: It would appear a little gratuitous if you went to an art gallery and the painter claimed that not only did he or she actually paint every stroke to produce the picture in question, but that they also ‘directed’ painting of those strokes as well.

Some artists –like Jeff Koons and Andy Warhol– who actually do (or did) command teams of other artists to execute their specific vision are exceptions to this rule.

In any case, both the terms 'Producer' and 'Director' imply one who leads a group of people delivering a creative project form conception and development to execution and delivery. Depending on the organization or project, the specific skills and responsibilities of a Producer and a Creative Director may or may not overlap.

Commercial Audio Producers may or may not also have an administrational role within a company. This role might encompass everything from managing the facility to participating in corporate strategy.

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