Saturday, March 04, 2000

Music Producer as a Creative Collaborator

Collaboration. This is the fun part: Choosing the right composer; creating or suggesting arrangements; directing performances; scaling back the reverb; space flange or death flange? On such decisions are international advertising campaigns launched.

You'll pick up a lot of world class tricks working with dedicated engineers, but you'll develop your own arsenal of 'sonic solutions' working alone, usually in the middle of the night, when recording your own tracks.

In this way you'll pick up first hand knowledge regarding the mysteries of:

–Directing world class performances
–Assigning musical roles or parts to specific performers based on reading a notated score or hearing a synth arrangement
–Composing, arranging, re-arranging, mixing and remixing of tracks
–Performing musical or vocal parts, as applicable
–Designing sound effects; and creating or suggesting the use of specific samples for any given project
–The specific strengths and weaknesses of microphones, amps, drum sets, guitar set ups, and any other gear as applicable
–Choosing your team. Unlike working with a band, commercial music producers often select who is going to perform what on any given track.


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