Monday, January 01, 2001

People to Watch –Me– Hooray

Graphic Design Magazine kicked off 2001 by featuring 50 'People to Watch'. The editors wrote, "Clearly there are thousands to watch in our talent-laden and personality-packed community. But we think you'll agree that these 50 are intriguing individuals who display a special mix of design talent, strategic capabilities, business acumen, joy of creation, and, often, a commitment to professional and public service."

I was really lucky to be selected among an incredible group of people whose reputations I can't begin to live up to. Naturally, of course, they required a nifty quote and I gave it to them–

DELIVERY MODELS ARE MULTIPLYING The coming year presents new challenges for media producers who provide content and service via the internet. Delivery models are multiplying; unlike television, where protocols have been in place for years, internet artisans can't bask in their knowledge of the current methodologies. We still must keep abreast of every technological advance to maintain an edge in the online marketplace. The more you know, the more you can do, and the more clients you can accommodate. Saying "No, we can't do it" might be valid when it comes to creative issues. But not being able to produce a project because you're stuck with last year's technologies is certain death.

No resting on your laurels yet. Maybe after a few more mergers, or if programmers run out of ideas. However, both scenarios seem highly unlikely for some time to come.

My esteemed colleagues –class of 2001– included the rockin' and talented: Joan Nicosia, J.J. Sedelmaier, Sharon Mahoney, Mike Hughes, Ken Hanson, Diane Sterman, Susan Vinik Consales, Ed Han, Chris Do and Jessie Huang, Natalie Pryor, Rondi Tschopp, Carla Hall, Robert Keren, Bill Thorburn, Rob Deluke, Brad Gensurowsky, Kent Hunter, Jackie Merri Meyer, Doug Joseph, Sam J. Ciulla, Tim Larsen, Janet Odgis, Kenneth Cooke, Brian Hill, Jaye Donaldson, Jonathan Pite, David Ford, Dave Miller, Dennis Ryan, Kenneth White, Iti, Candy Piemonte, Kenneth Quail, Victor Rodriquez, Bonnie Barnes, Bob Whitmor, Scott Sugiuchi and Steve Carsella, Limore Shur, Todd Mueller, Joe Lisaius, Robyn Streisand, David Annunziato, Brian Diecks and Gerri Guadagno.

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