Wednesday, June 13, 2001

Tooting My Own Horn

A company's legacy is the sum of its people. Several years after my departure, Elias offered as part of its promotional literature, several pioneering 'FIRSTS'. Imagine my happy surprise to learn that I was a principle player in at least half of the ‘firsts’. Among them: • First to use music supervisors (I was on the first team of music supervisors)First bi-coastal music production house (I was on the first bi-coastal production team; and created SOP for the production of all in-house music, sound design and sonic branding projects for both the East and West Coast production offices).First Olympic music library with Meta tags and digital database (I was one of three internal supervisors/producers that created that first Meta tagged music library.)First commercial music company to do product sonification (I produced, or was part of a team that produced, the company’s earliest product sonification projects for AT&T and TeleTV)First company to do corporate audio identity systems (I worked on the company’s first corporate audio identity system –with Alexander Lasarenko– which was created for Elias Arts itself!) * * * Honestly, who really knows if any of these ‘firsts’ have any historic –albiet narrow– importance within the industry, or if they are all simply bits of a marketing mythology? Hell, I don’t care: it's a mythology business, and if current and future crews of Elias are as proud of the company's legacy, then I couldn't be happier to have made some small contributions to its development. It was a wonderful time with wonderful people, full of art and music and chaos and personality.

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