Saturday, December 28, 2002

Choosing a Company Name | Tag Line Concepting

In November of 2008 we had chosen a name for our fledgling audio company, settling at last on Blister Media, a nod to the Silicon Alley clients we were hoping to align ourselves with, and as a way of distinguishing ourselves from our competitors who were still modeled on a traditional music house paradigm.

Our first choice, however, was not Blister Media, but all our first picks were already used by other companies in the music and entertainment space.

Among thee our favored choices were:

Gray People
Floating World

As we ticked off ideas and discovered they were taken, it became immediately apparent that we were not always as original as we thought we were. But that fact merely offered a challenge to be increasingly more distinct in our services and identity.

After conducting yet another trademark search (7 in all), our lawyer finally reported back that Blister Media was available in our category, and so we then began concepting a tagline.

Here's a list of selected possibilities:

Blister Tag Line Concepting

Applied Audio
Audio Artisans
Audio Artistry
Audio Branding
Biology. Psychology. Technology.
Broadcast Music Production
Custom Music and Sound design
Hot Music + Cool Sound Design = Blistering Media
Human Audio Stimulus
Interactive Audio + Broadcast Music Production
Music + Brains. A New Approach.
Provoke Your Senses
React to This
Saving the World with Sound
Slammin’ Audio
Smashing Audio
Sonic Arts
Sonic Branding
Sonic Identity
Stimulate your Senses.
Strategic Thinking for Sound
The Science of Sound
Working Towards a Better Sounding Planet
Your ears are hungry. Feed them music.

Yeah, not all of them were great, obviously. In fact, most of them are awful.

'Hot Music + Cool Sound Design'?

Ugh, I'm embarrassed to admit that actually came out of my brain. but that's why you peel off a hundred of these things before choosing one you'll live with, and which perfectly captures the message you want to convey about yourself to your customers.

In the end, we presented ourselves to the world as:

Blister Media
Music..> Noise..> Code..>

And thereby established ourselves, I'm proud to say, as the first audio production company that offered music, sound design and audio specific programming.

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