Sunday, December 01, 2002

Sound of the Year: 2002 – Plain Talk

The Critical Noise Sound of the Year for 2002 belongs to PLAIN TALK, encompassing the truth tellers and whistle blowers who graced headlines this year, including both:

1. The sexually abused victims of Catholic priests who finally stepped forward with such mass they created a momentum that the neither the church nor the world could ignore.

2. Those corporate insiders who after witnessing fraud and greed could not be silenced with a pay check but instead stepped up and exposed the truth as they saw it, career and dollars be damned.

Their bravery benefits us all.

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The Critical Noise Sound of the Year goes to that sound source, event, entity, happening or concept which so effectively produces wide response and reaction, whether intentional or not, such that it stirs collective emotion, inspires discussion, incites action, or otherwise lends itself to cultural analysis and resonates across the globe.

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